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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Release Date of Machette Kills Delayed Again

Release date of "Machete Kills" is changed again

Machette Kills's release date has been delayed once more. This film is popular among the little monster fandom for the fact that Mother Monster is making her debut appearance in the film industry. The worldwide release date has been moved forward to October 11th and will have its premiere day on September 19th at the Fantastic Festival 2013.

It is believed that the delay of the film has been given by the process that occurs between the film's director and Overnight Productions, who wanted to prevent the release dats the same and gives high probability that the movie will only be released on DVD and Blu Ray.

Old Friend Of Lady Gaga To Release Biography of Mother Monster

Old friend of Lady Gaga will release new biography of the singer "before the fame"

On August 27th, DJ Jay Sullivan who has been founded as an old friend of Lady Gaga, is set out to publish a new biography titled "Rivington Was Ours: Lady Gaga, The Lower East Side, and The Prime Of Our Lives". The author has promised to tell intimate details of Mother Monster's life before the fame. Check out the book cover below:

The DJ was playing the night when he met Stefani Germanotta in New York. Mother Monster was a go-go dancer aspiring artist at this time in 2006. Even before the release, Sullivan promises to close intimate details of Lady Gaga's life including the change of her musical style and her ex-boyfriend, Lüc Carl.

"As Lüc liked heavy metal music and disliked piano ballads, she began making music to impress him and to stay close to him."

The author describes several afternoons sitting down with Lady Gaga on the floor in her apartment on the Lower East Side. The two were drinking wine, beer, and making dreams for pop stardom.

"This underage girl seemed a little lost, not even her boyfriend had time for her."

Lady Gaga Updates Her Style

Lady Gaga poses piercing and changes her hair color again

At the dawn of July 23rd, Lady Gaga posted a photo on her social network, LittleMonsters.Com. The photo shows that Mother Monster has pierced her septum and dyed her hair which appears as black. The photo had been published by the tattoo artist, Steve Bennett, on his Instagram page. Check out the photo below:

Click to view full size image

Frederic Aspiras Comments On Alleged Lana Del Rey Music And Defends Lady Gaga

Frederic Aspiras comments on alleged music Lana Del Rey and defends Gaga

Frederic Aspiras is a make-up artist and close friend of Lady Gaga. He recently updated his Twitter profile on the newly leaked Lana Del Rey song, in which criticizes Mother Monster. Defending his friend, Aspiras comments saying that Del Rey, "lost a fan". The make-up artist, additionally, calls the singer of "Ride" a child.

Leaked 2009 Lana Del Rey Song Criticizes Lady Gaga

Music leaks in 2009 that Lana Del Rey criticizes Lady Gaga

A song by the singer, Lana Del Rey, leaks to the Internet on July 22nd, 2013 criticizing Mother Monster. According to rumors, Lady Gaga and the singer of "Born To Die" were under the same management from 2008-2009. Then, the manager chose to invest in Stefani Germanotta which could have given Lana Del Rey the motivation to write and produce the leaked song, "So Legit". Check out the leaked song below:


Monday, July 22, 2013

Lady Gaga "LittleMonsters.Com" Update - July 22nd

Lady Gaga update your account with LittleMonsters new image

Lady Gaga manages to update her profile on her social networking site, The update involves an image of herself taken at the Pitchfork Music Festival. In the caption of the photo, Lady Gaga talks about ARTPOP "revisiting her past". Check out the image below.

Lady Gaga Named Highest Paid Celebrity Under 30 According To Forbes Magazine

Lady Gaga is the highest paid celebrity under 30 years, according to Forbes

From June 2012 up to June 2013, Lady Gaga managed to draw in around $80,000,000. Check out the full list and what Forbes magazine had to say about Mother Monster by clicking here.

Cynthia Germanotta Comments On Lady Gaga's LittleMonsters.Com Recent Photo Upload

Cynthia Germanotta says new photo of Lady Gaga on her Twitter

Check out the tweet below of Lady Gaga's mother and the founder of The Born This Way Foundation, Cynthia Germanotta. The tweet discusses Lady Gaga's recent photo upload on her social networking site, Click here to view the tweet.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Jo Calderone Comes Back To Twitter.

Jo Calderone reactive your Twitter account mysteriously

After Lady Gaga's official Twitter account hacked, Lady Gaga's alter-ego, Jo Calderone, uses his Twitter page after two years of tweeting absolutely nothing. Jo retweets a tweet by Lady Gaga and tweets two new tweets himself:

Ironically, GagaDaily tweets a smiley face before Jo tweets his smiley face.

Lady Gaga Gets HACKED.

Strange movements in the Twitter account of Lady Gaga call the attention of fans

Lady Gaga's Twitter account has been reported hacked. Lady Gaga's Twitter bio has been changed from "When POP sucks the tits of ART" to "This interface has been shutdown temporarily. Please check back for updates" and approximately thirty of Lady Gaga's tweets have been deleted. Some of these tweets include the cancellation of The Born This Way Ball Tour. Ironically, the tweets of which Lady Gaga retweeted are still present and remained untouched. Confirmation that Lady Gaga's Twitter profile was hacked came by Lady Gaga's choreographer, Ricky Jackson.

And on, Lady Gaga's profile photo was changed very suspiciously.

Photo via @StefaniBadKid on Twitter.