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Monday, May 31, 2010

Poker Face (The Remixes) (Itunes Plus)


The Cherrytree Sessions live - EP (Itunes Plus)


My Favorite GaGa blog!!!!

For over almost a year now i have been visiting Haus of gagarazzi and i love it!!!!!!! It gave me inspiration to make my GaGa Blog!!! So check it out!!!

Telephone 720p HD Later Post

Download as i promised.

Alejandro Video

“Alejandro” music video will premiere next Monday, June 7 on Lady Gaga’s official website! Gaga will be appearing on Larry King Live! tomorrow on CNN to premiere an exclusive clip of the new video. More info to come on
Creaits to Haus Of Gagarazzi


Watch the full unedited interview here! @
Download Available Soon.....

Bad Romance Deluxe EP

Track List:
1. Bad Romance
2. Bad Romance (Radio Edit)
3. Bad Romance (Short Radio Edit)
4. Bad Romance (Original Version)
5. Bad Romance (Instrumental)
6. Bad Romance (Demo)
7. Bad Romance (Extended Demo)
8. Bad Romance (Demo2)


Paparazzi Fan Pack

Track List:
1. Paparazzi
2. Paparazzi (Live Studio Version)
3. Paparazzi (Promo)
4. Paparazzi (Radio Edit)
5. Paparazzi (Live Acoustic)
6. Paparazzi (Demo)
7. Paparazzi (Karaoke Version)
8. Paparazzi (VMA)
9. Paparazzi (VMA's Instrumental)
10. Paparazzi (VMA Cool Remix)
11. Paparazzi (VMA's Studio Version)
12. Paparazzi Vocals (Ac capella)
13. Paparazzi Beat
14. Paparazzi Backings
15. Paparazzi Synths 1
16. Paparazzi Synths 2


Fashion - Single


Wonderful - Single


Fancy Pants - Single


Glamour Zombie


Telephone 720p HD

Coming Later On Today

Full Itunes Plus!

Full Itunes Plus GaGa Collection To Be Posted Soon!