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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lady GaGa Live at Super Sonic 2009 (Audio)


Track list:
1. Opening Movie
2. Paparazzi
3. Lovegame
4. Beautiful Dirty Rich
5. Band Jam (Punk Rock Rave)
6. Video Interlude 1
7. The Fame
8. Money Honey
9. Boys Boys Boys
10. Video Interlude 2
11. Just Dance
12. Eh Eh (There's Nothing Else I Can Say)
13. Brown Eyes
14. Poker face (Acoustic Version)
15. Poker face

Fashion - EP


Track List:
1. Fashion
2. Fashion (Demo)
3. Fashion (Tony's Up Private Tribal Mix)

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Monday, March 28, 2011

HAPPY 25th Birthday Lady GaGa!!!!!!

We Love You Mother Monster!!!! Thank You Making Us Feel Like We Belong!!!! Paws Up!!!! and Have a Great Birthday!!!!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Filming For Lady GaGa's Next Video "Judas" Will Begin Next Week!

Nicola Formichetti, (Lady GaGa's stylist) has confirmed on his twitter on how excited he is with the next GaGa video!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Google Goes Gaga Full Interview 720p HD


Yes This Is The Entire 1 Hour 13 minute and 5 second (1:13:05) Interview in HD! Enjoy!

*This is a big file its 1.49 GB so make sure you have enough memory for it!*

Lady GaGa Will Release "Born This Way" Country Road Version!

Make Sure You Come Back On ILuvGaGa Tomorrow To Download it!!!!!

Lady GaGa Will Direct 'Judas' Video With Laurieann Gibson & Talks About Edege Of Glory

As promised, Lady Gaga joined forces with Google on Tuesday to answer a string of fan-generated questions for an hour-long interview posted onYouTube called "Musicians@Google Presents: Google Goes Gaga."

While the pop star dished on a range of topics, including her upcoming album, Born This Way, and aspiring-singers-turned-viral-YouTube stars (yes, she mentioned Rebecca Black), the most exciting news she shared with her fans was that she'll be directing the video for her next single, "Judas," alongside creative director Laurieann Gibson.

"I'm very excited. Actually, I can exclusively reveal here at Google that I will be making my directorial debut with Laurieann Gibson, directing this video with her ourselves," the singer said to the cheers of the interview's live audience.

Keeping in line with the song's title, Mother Monster also admitted that the clip will include religious imagery. "It's no surprise, I'm sure, to many of you, that Judas is a man of the biblical senses, so expect to see some symbolism in this video," she said.

Gaga also gave fans a taste of the club track's lyrics by offering a few lines from the song. "When he comes to me, I am ready/ I'll wash his feet with my hair if he needs/ Forgive him when his tongue lies through his brain/ Even after three times, he betrays me/ I'll bring him down, a king with no crown," she recited.

Gaga explained that "Judas," which she produced along with RedOne, talks about confronting one's demons. "You have to look into what is haunting you and you need to look into forgiving yourself in order to move on," she said. "And it's really fun to dance to and sounds like it could be a pop priest record."

She also described a track off her "avant-garde techno rock" LP called "Edge of Glory." Recalling the loss of her grandfather last year, Gaga revealed that she wrote the tune at an emotional moment at the piano while taking tequila shots with her father. "The song's about your last moment on Earth, the moment of truth. The edge of glory is that moment right before you leave the Earth," she said.

thx to gagaliciousHD

Possible Born This Way CD Cover + Track List!

1. Born This Way
2. Hair
3. Judas
4. Edge of Glory
5. One
6. American
7. Bad Kids
8. Hooker Government
9. Justice
10. Scheisse
11. Strangers
12. Unfashionable
13. You & I
14. Marry the Night

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Google Goes GaGa Pre Pics HQ

Ill Post The Video Here in HD when its released (hopefully Tonight)!

Google Goes GaGa Preview Pic

Lady GaGa's New Album Is "Spectacular" Laurieann Gibson on Born This Way!

Lady GaGa has wrapped work on her sophomore LP, Born This Way, with her creative director, Laurieann Gibson, claiming the album is "spectacular."

Last week, GaGa tweeted that she was "finishing up" the record, adding that she was "so proud of the album: I keep dancing+drinking: metal/techno rock journey of a woman on the run."

Now, Gibson has revealed to our US Team that GaGa's Little Monsters will not be disappointed with her next LP and claimed that now she has finished the album, the Poker Face star is now hoping to start planning a BTW tour.

Laurieann admitted: "This new album is spectacular and I got to tell you, you got to really stand by and take notice, 'cause the album is excellent. It's of such excellence that I think that everyone's going to be really impressed and affected."

"The records are so visual and large and the concept of birthing has so many levels to it and the dance is never limited, that you're just gonna keep seeing an extension of this story," she explained. "And hopefully [we] get humanity to a place where we can effect change."

As for GaGa's tour plans, Gibson teased: "We did a theater in an arena and it worked [for the Monster Ball Tour]. ... How do we take it to the next level?"

In other Lady GaGa news, the eccentric singer posted a new BTW promotional snap onTwitter, showing her looking "gaunt and emaciated."

GaGa can be seen in the snap with protruding cheek bones, dark eyeliner and painted eyebrows, a stark difference to the 24-year old's usual complexion.

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Lady GaGa Accepts Randy Shilts Visibility Award at 2011 SLDN Dinner 720p HD


Monday, March 21, 2011

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Scheiße gets its Official Title "Shiza"


BMI Lady GaGa’s Official Database of songs has published a new title “Shiza” (look at the Pic Above) Which turns out is The Official Title of the song Scheiße. If You Haven't listened to The Official remix of Shiza aka Scheiße Check Out The Post Here or Download it Above. "Shiza” will be the official title of Scheiße, The song will be included on “Born This Way”.

And Check out GaGa's Official BMI Page Here

Friday, March 18, 2011

New GaGa Photo Mariano Vivanco HQ

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Lady GaGa on Cover of ID Magazine HQ

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lady GaGa Performs Born This Way at Round-Up Saloon Bar 720p HD



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Lady GaGa Interview On Demand Radio March 15, 2011 (Audio)

To Summarize In The InterView Lady GaGa Said:

1. She wanted 'Monster' and 'Dance In The Dark' to be singles off 'The Fame Monster', but because she had written a great part of 'Born This Way' (album) she canceled the releases of the singles!
2. She Wants 'Marry The Night 'to be the 3rd single from the album.
3. Judas', she said it was "a real song GaGa."
4. "Marry The Night 'talks about how she recently decided that She is here for the music, not money, the glamor or the afterpartys. She's here because she wants to be an artist and being true to her songs.