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Friday, September 30, 2011

New GaGa Mariano Vivanco Photo Shoot Picture HQ

ILuvGaGa Is Now ILoveGaGa + "Yay Ha" Exclusive Leak

Previously is Now The New I am FINALLY Official! I Originally Planed on Making it but then Google Started Acting Like a Whore so ILuvGaGa Was Reborn As ILoveGaGa!

Don't Worry This Site Is Still Being Ran by the same Person Pwig (ME).
Which Means The Site Will Still Have The Same Kick Ass HD Videos, Music, iTunes Plus, And Exclusive Downloads! And Lets Not Forget Those Kick Ass Contests and Prize Give Aways! Current GaGa Prize Give Away Here:

And To Kick Off the Launch of ILoveGaGa! I Will Be Exclusively Leaking Lady GaGa's Unreleased Song Called "Yay Ha" in November/December Here On ILoveGaGa! I Will Keep You Guys Updated On The Exclusive Leak Here On The Site and On My Twitter! Follow @ILoveGaGaNet #PawsUp

Follow ILoveGaGa For Updates On Twitter At:!/ILoveGaGaNet

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Marry The Night" Official 5th Single From "Born This Way"

Its Official Monsters! "Marry The Night" Is Now Officially The 5th Single From Lady GaGa's Multi-Platinum Selling Album "Born This Way"!

Marry The Night Has Already Been On Billboards Top 100 Back in May The Week Born This Way dropped! It Only Reached Number 79! But Now We Will FOR SURE Get It To Number One!

After You Have Bought It On The Official iTunes Store! Download It Here In iTunes Plus On ILuvGaGa!

"Marry The Night" iTunes Plus:

Credits On 5th Single Announcement Go To GaGaDaily

Lady GaGa Thierry Mugler Fashion Film + Show Video LQ


Coming Tomorrow: Lady GaGa Official Thierry Mugler Fashion Film HD

Monday, September 26, 2011

Scheiße Possible 5th Single Off "Born This Way" Album + 93.1 FM Radio Rip

Well Over The Last Couple Of Days Rumors Have Been Going Around That Scheiße Will Be The 5th Single Off Of Lady GaGa's Album "Born This Way" And Every thing Is Pointing To It Being The 5th Single!

For Example:
1. DJ Guena A Very Popular DJ Who Has Already Worked on Lady GaGa’s Judas and Just Dance Remixes Has Said that he’s Working On an Official Remix For “Scheiße” for GaGa.
2. Interscope Has Been Giving Radio Edits of The Song to Different Radio Stations.
3. According To Some Little Monsters Who Met GaGa In New York She Told The To Learn German For The Next Single.
4. Lady GaGa Performed Scheiße At The iHeart Radio Music Festival September 24th.
5. 93.1 FM Played Scheiße Today On the Station and The Radio Rip Is Available For Download Below.

If This Isn't A Sign That Scheiße Is The Next Single Then I don't Know What It Is! So you Guys Be The Judge! Who Knows Maybe This Is GaGa Tricking Us!

But With The Facts Right In front Of Us Its I Think Its Safe To Say Its The 5th Single!

93.1 FM Radio Rip Of Scheiße:

Saturday, September 24, 2011

iHeartRadio Music Festival Live Stream

Here is The Live Stream For iHeartRadio Music Festival Which GaGa Will Be Performing 10 Songs on Tonight! Check out the Link below and + Check Back Here on ILuvGaGa for HD Posts of ALL The Performance + Much More So Check Back Here After AND During The Show! PawsUp! And For Updates Follow ILuvGaGa On Twitter: @ILuvGaGaBlog

Live Stream IHeartRadio Music Festival:

Live Stream 2 IHeartRadio Music Festival:

Live Stream 3 IHeartRadio Music Festival HQ:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

ILuvGaGaLuvsJamey Video Project

As Most Monsters Know Something Very Tragic Has Happened. We Lost a Little Monster Jamey Rodemeyer (aka @HausOfJamey on Twitter) Who Committed Suicide Because Of Being Bullied!

So In Honor Of Him and His Strong Message To People Through His Videos On Youtube to People Who Where Also Being Bullied! and To Support Mother Monsters Fight To Make Bulling Illegal!
ILuvGaGa Wants YOU To Make And Send In Videos To ILuvGaGa To Make One Big Video on Videos For Jamey, His Family, and GaGa's Fight To Stop Bullying! Making this The....

ILuvGaGaLuvsJamey Video Project: Submit Your Video!


What Do You Do/Say In The Video:
1. Talk About Jamey and The Love He had For Everyone
2. Send a Message To His Parents/Family/Loved Ones
3. Send A Message to GaGa About Your Support For Her #MakeALawForJamey Campaign To Stop Bullying
4. Talk About Bullying Why Its Bad, Your Experiences, Words Of Encouragement to Victims of Bullying!
5. or Talk About All Of The Above

1. The Video Needs To Be Good/High/ or HD Quality
2. Be Nice And Remember GaGa Might See It ;)
3. The Video MUST Be 45 sec. or Less To Fit With All the Other Videos

How To Send Your Video in To ILuvGaGa:
1. You Can Upload Your Video to Youtube And send Me A Link Of It or if Not To or or Any Other File Sharing Sites.
2. Then Send the Mediafire or Megaupload exc. Download Link of Your Video to or To @ILuvGaGaBlog On Twitter
3. Lapel The Email as "ILUVGAGALUVSJAMEY" + Include Your Twitter or Facebook Name In the Body Of The Email.

The Final Project Of All The Videos will Be Put Together Will Be Posted On Youtube!

Last Day To Submit You Video October 8th or 9th 2011!
Make Sure You Send In A Video Because If ILuvGaGa Doesn't Get Enough Video Submissions Then The Project Cant't Happen! so Please Submit For and In Honor of Jamey!

Any Questions? You Can Contact Me Through:!/ILuvGaGaBlog