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Monday, November 5, 2012

Lady Gaga & Madonna Tours to Save Concert Industry


Lady Gaga & Madonna Tours to Save Concert Industry

In 2010, ticket sales plunged by 15%. The main reason was the recession, and companies such as Ticket Master and Live Nation were in trouble. Many people wanted to go to concerts, but felt ticket prices were too high. According to Live Nation, 2012 and 2013 sales will be up by more than one million dollars than last year. The ticket provider stated that they have sold already over three million tickets for events for Lady Gaga and Madonna next year, compared to the same time frame in 2011, which hit only 900,000. Live Nation stated that Gaga & Madonna are the reason the concert industry has been "saved." 

Lady Gaga Talks About 'Fame' With V Magazine


Lady Gaga Talks About 'Fame' With V Magazine

In the hypercompetitive world of celebrity fragrance, Lady Gaga needed only seven days to reach all-star status. Fame, her debut perfume, launched this past fall in collaboration with Coty and was an instant home run. It sold more bottles in one week than any other celebrity fragrance of 2011, making it the most successful launch in history.
Celebrity perfumes are known for being cloyingly commercial—so why would Gaga, who is anything but generic, want to have one? She didn’t, at first. “I had always joked when other celebrities launched fragrances, ‘Ugh, I hate this. No!’ And then I said, ‘You know what? If I ever do that, I’m going to make it fucking black.’” Her idea—the first black perfume—was enough to attract legendary collaborators Steven Klein, who shot the print and TV ads, and Nick Knight, who designed the grenadelike bottle. “They are photographic heroes in my mind,” she gushes. “I wanted to shine a light on them, the people that inspire me.”
Hundreds of perfumers bid for the job of concocting the scent. “It was the most competitive project ever,” explains Richard Herpin of Firmenich, who eventually won the contract. Yet Gaga’s approval of the exact formula was hard to come by. It took Herpin six months and thousands of variations before he arrived at Fame, a fruity floral based on the deadly belladonna plant. “I was a real pain in the ass to work with,” Gaga admits. “I wanted something that would stand the test of time.” The fragrance’s blockbuster success had Coty execs dreaming up a sequel just days after the launch, but Gaga isn’t in a rush. “I think it’s silly when an artist makes most of their money selling perfume,” she says. Her monstrous music career comes first. “What if I were to have sold my new album with my perfume?” she wonders aloud. “I would have sold 6 million copies in one week. Just something to think about.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lady Gaga Interviewed on Fantástico


Lady Gaga Interviewed on Fantástico

On November 4, Lady Gaga was interviewed for a Brazilan TV program called 'Fantástico'. She was asked about her fans, the Born This Way Ball, and her music. 
Check out the video below:

Read the interview here:

Reporter: What are the three main features of the new tour?

Lady Gaga: The dance is very modern and organic. It's like a spiritual experience, as a "rave" total freedom. Everyone together, dressing as they wish, with friends. All doing everything to have the best night of their lives. It is difficult to speak of the details of the show because the show, for me, there is the fans are not there.

Reporter: In São Paulo, you will sing for 65,000 people in a football stadium. The show changes from a place like last night for a football stadium like São Paulo?

Lady Gaga: If changes? Well, it changes every night. I'm an artist spontaneous. Do not hold me to anything. In fact, the show changes every night. Change much every night because we always develop a different relationship with each group of fans. It depends on who is there, depends on who I see.

Reporter: You come from the electronic music scene, but last night I saw you use a lot of musicians. 

Lady Gaga: When I was part of the electronic scene, I was a performance artist. There was every kind of artist that were less than just sing a song and more eclectic, eccentric, out of the box. I was part of it and I began to apply my musical talent and songwriting pras my performances, putting it all together. As the club scene helped me? I knew people who did similar things with me, we collaborated and joined.

Reporter: On the presence of musicians on stage. Why did you choose, well, including a drummer?

Lady Gaga: My drummer is the best in the world! I think it should be. I am music, play the piano since childhood. He played in a band when I was 14, a classic rock cover band. And all I did was out of school more pro jazz, so my voice traveled through various musical styles. There's nothing like a live band and I have an amazing band.

Junior: Will you take the same structure and band to Brazil? Will you have something special there?

Lady Gaga: The connection that we create will be special. The love we shared. You saw the show yesterday, in the end, I had a relationship with Puerto Rico. I hope that at the end of the show I have a true relationship with Brazil.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Puerto Rican Pastor And Group Of Monks Protest The Born This Way Ball Tour Being Held In Their Country

Pastor protests against the Born This Way Ball in Puerto Rico

Wherever Lady Gaga goes, The Born This Way Ball Tour has lots of fans who attend the concert. With great achievements, there are some great negatives brought up by people of the public.

Puerto Rico is set to hold the tour on October 30th and October 31st and a group of monks from the area began to protest the singer’s shows being brought to their country.

Reports say that about 200 people gathered on the night of October 29th in front of the place the concert is set to take place. They prayed and asked God to intercede on the two concerts from being held.

Pastor Wanda Rolon – who is responsible for the movement – commented: “I swear by every yojng person who has a date with you, Lord. Save the youth! That whole diabolical ritual, please cancel it.” She added saying that those who watched Lady Gaga’s music videos are part of God’s rebellion and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Lady Gaga Shows Concern About Hurricane Sandy Hitting New York City

Lady Gaga speaks about Hurricane "Sandy"

As most people know, Lady Gaga was born and raised in New York City, New York, USA. She has shown big concern on Twitter about the natural disaster of Hurricane Sandy hitting the place she grew up in on October 29th. President Barack Obama determined that the state has been greatly shaken. Check out what Lady Gaga published on LittleMonsters.Com about the subject and showed her concern on Twitter:

hurricane blues

im not sure where to put these feelings. im so sad. i feel like my entire childhood is underwater. the boardwalk in atlantic city, my old Apts in Brooklyn and LES. all the bars and friends. im just so sad. i know it will be ok. im not sure why i feel this way. maybe homesickness, or maybe its easier to be a gypsy if you know your soul grows from somewhere great. and that great place protected me my whole life, now parts are destroyed. just very sad and pensive today. thinking of everyone today.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Lady Gaga To Use New Fiber Optic Wig In New ARTPOP Music Video

Lady Gaga wig will use fiber optic video

In an episode of MonsterVision, Lady Gaga showed off a bright wig of fiber optics in which the singer said that was made by the Haus Of Gaga. As said in the video, the wig is an invention to be used to the ARTPOP future. When asked by a fan about the use, Lady Gaga reported on Twitter: