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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy 26th Birthday To Miss Lady Gaga From ILoveGaga.Net!

Happy 26th Birthday To our Mother Mons†er (a.k.a) Miss Lady Gaga From ILoveGaga.Net!

On March 28th 1986 at 9:53am at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City the 5 time Grammy Winner & our idol, named Lady Gaga was born! and now she is turning 26.

Many fans around the world are speaking about it with their postings on the Internet, which made the anniversary of Mother Monster a trend topic of Twitter twice only in one day (until Twitter blocked the trend).

Happy Birthday Mother Monster! We have been here since your 23rd birthday in 2008 and we will still be here in the year 2089 wishing you a happy 100th birthday!

Lots of love from: Pwig & Rich ♥

Madonna Praises Lady Gaga via Twitter Chat

To promote her new album the "MDNA", American singer, Madonna did on the night of Monday, March 26th, via a Twitter chat, and was questioned for hours by her fans and curious about many subjects and one a Lady Gaga fan was.
A fan asked what she thought about the work of Gaga in the "Born This Way Foundation" and its engagement against bullying. Madonna was straightforward and said she admired Lady Gaga’s colleagues for her support of the gay community and anti-bullying.

Thank you Marie for your story. Love you my Brazilian. ♥ -Rich

Lady Gaga Tweets March 28th

Tour News: Huge Queue To Buy Tickets In Taiwan and False “Presales” In France

It seems that the ticket sales of "Born This Way Ball Tour" in Asia are doing better than expected. In Taiwan fans expect about 5 days in line to secure tickets for the presentation, held on May 17th at the stadium Nangan World Trade Center.

In France, we see an example of bad faith of some people, some sites have "traded" alleged ticket tour dates in the country, that these dates have not been confirmed. Some fans in despair and euphoria ended up dropping the coup...

Staff will be aware, because this will probably happen in other places including the United States and Brazil. When they released the dates and sites / places of purchase will be posted on Stay alert for false deals and packages fancy.

Advance Museum “Madame Tussands” Pays Tribute To Lady Gaga’s Birthday

The famous wax museum "Madame Tussands" celebrated on March 27th Lady Gaga's birthday. The museum used a statue of Mother Monster, placing the Bar Foundation that had special decorations for the occasion.

One reason for the idea, Amy Williams, said:

"We thought we'd do something different with the statue to get a picture, to get an exciting celebration and to remind fans that they can still go to Madame Tussauds to see the picture of Lady Gaga. We took her to the Bar Foundation because it is a very eccentric, and Gaga herself! "

Monday, March 26, 2012

Details on Gaga's New Album and a possible Gaga song called "Unisex"

Lady Gaga seems to have given up on the album "Born This Way" and moved on with a new work, which has no release date, no name defined.

Rumor has it to mortal ears in mid-August and September this year (hard to guess but ...).
Information has been announced on March 26th by Interscope (Recorder for Gaga), she would have finished four new songs for the new job. And also added saying the name of one of the songs is called "Unisex".

Does Gaga will bet again on the theme "love and acceptance"? Remember that in an interview, Mother Monster said her new album would follow the line of composition "Born This Way" but with rhythms of "The Fame Monster."
Now we are left waiting for another masterpiece by Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga Demos Deleted From YouTube

Again, a demo of Lady Gaga has been removed from YouTube. After "Nothing On (But The Radio)", "Oh Well" was excluded from the time. Currently, access to these songs is only possible through the covers of fans that circulate on the Internet. The reason for exclusion is still unknown, but there are suspicions that Lady Gaga may be working on them or were sold to some other singer. When in doubt, we can only wait.

Lady Gaga Producer Tweets An Interest to Little Monsters

Fernando Garibay, current music producer of Lady Gaga, updated his official Twitter page with a comment that piqued the curiosity of fans. Check out:

Lauriean Gibson Talks About Lady Gaga In An Interview

In a recent interview with "Entertainment Tonight Canada," Gibson makes it clear that working with Lady Gaga began to get hard so the singer began to want to explore a darker side.

Below, an excerpt of what Gibson said:

"…without judgment, but it was a bit obscure for me, creatively. We reached a point where I wanted to keep that brand that helped build, a little more pure for teens. It was fun, but it's hard when everything is dark and heavy."

Lady Gaga In The List of the Most Beloved Singers in Asia

A list of 10 most loved singers and popular artists in Asia was published by the site "Asia Observer," where Lady Gaga appears in first position.
1 - Lady Gaga
2 - Katy Perry
3 - Beyonce
4 - Rihanna
5 - Jennifer Lopez
6 - Jessie J
7 - Britney Spears
8 - Nicki Minaj
9 - Adele
10 - Taylor Swift

Lady Gaga is honored at GLAAD Media Awards

On Saturday, March 24th in New York, an event happened over the annual awards of the GLAAD Media Awards, where Lady Gaga was said winning the award for Outstanding Music Artist. This event is sponsored by a non-governmental organization, 'Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation' which aims to exalt the icons of the LGBT community, raising a fund for a year to $3.5 million for the entire community. This year, Mother Monster has great importance for the event with his album "Born This Way", which, in essence, is a vehicle of personal acceptance and universal tolerance.

Lady Gaga Hits Record Audience on Oprah’s Next Chapter

On Sunday, March 18th, the program "Oprah's Next Chapter" on the channel OWN, exhibited a special interview with Lady Gaga and according to information from the broadcaster, the program had an audience of approximately 4.6 million viewers tuned, the largest ever obtained so far by the channel.

Lady Gaga Tweets March 26th

Lady Gaga Tweets March 25th

Lady Gaga Tweets March 24th

Saturday, March 24, 2012

From A Little Monster To Other Little Monsters 2: Some call it “Overkill”, I call it “Bullying”

In recent years, I have seen great changes happen in the world, and major changes arise as big problems. So I decided to right another article this week. This time, Lady Gaga will not the main factor to be discussed in this article, but rather something that has been very keen for it.

Lately, I have seen many young people and adolescents suffering from a “disease” that has been gaining attention recently. Bullying has become a problem for the twenty-first century, not that it once wasn’t a problem, but exceptionally in this decade, gained momentum and new fans, a generation warped and deluded, who holds the dogmas and stereotypes, which are difficult to achieve ...

Because when you're too thin, you need fat. When you're too fat, you need to lose weight. When you’re ugly, need a facelift. The globalized world and the media untwist the idea of the originality of the person, to impose a biotype that only a portion of the population can achieve, but they all kill themselves to try to get.

Nobody likes to be branded as "outdated" or defined as "you do not have the right profile." But since small we are forced to follow a model and despise those who do not belong to them.

It is the human’s job to separate what you like, what you do not have, and to love. The average human being does not understand or does not care who or what is not in the "right model". And the peak of this segregation is the childhood and adolescence, where the human is not "politically correct".

Because I say so? We all have prejudice! Why call a dumb blonde is a form of segregation and prejudice have (even if it appears), using pejorative terms like that, “fagot”, “fagot”, sissy is prejudice. It's a way to tell the world that person is not good enough because it does not follow the "correct standard". But that is so embedded in us since childhood.

But in school, we see the force of intolerance. My friend, Marie, talked with some officials of the education to better understand this issue. They said: "It not only affects the schools, but also the homes around the world, since there is a problem that is present in all areas of the world society ..." said the educational coordinator of the College of Omega Santos, Barbara Raquel Dias. "The bullying is not a current topic, it has been around for longer than many imagine but now took proportions at an alarming rate."

I also asked about some initiatives to combat bullying (For example, the Born This Way Foundation). "I believe that such an initiative, it is very important to help children and adolescents who suffer from abuse and mistreatment ..." Barbara said, and added with: " The awareness in the school or family is also very important, is the first step to change ... Also, Marie has contacted the coordinator of the Center for Integrated Education, the pedagogue Nadia Macarini, who has extensive experience in actions in the field of special education: "Education as a whole has a major role ... The school cant close our eyes to the diversity that the world has today. The school treats everyone the same, this is wrong, each individual is unique, of course it should follow a standard pattern, but we have to work the difference and not simply close to it.” Also added talking about the importance of family unity and school: "The family has a helper function. The school and the family must go hand in hand, do not get a blaming one another. Because if not, initiatives like this (Born This Way Foundation) becomes palliative, without the help of education and family ... It is a function of all. "

In conclusion, I encourage all little monsters to go against the norm. Attempt to be a “Lady Gaga”. She is one of the biggest iconoclasts in our generation. I personally admire anyone who isn’t a “normal” person.
Richard VanCamp

More dates of "Born This Way Ball" Tour in Japan are added

Increasing little monsters: Japanese are interested in the highly anticipated "Born This Way Ball" Tour . According to the official website of Mother Monster in Japan, the date of May 10th, 2012 is exhausted . Due to demand, two new dates have been added in the wonderful Saitama Super Arena , day May 12th, and day May 13th. Recalling that in Japan, dates of three performances can now be considered more than normal, since most artists are mainly Americans has at most two dates per tour in the country. Let's hope those dates run out too, and that the tour will become bigger and bigger.

Tank War Is Called “Lady Gaga”

American soldiers named the tank that currently is in Afghanistan LADY GAGA . The story appeared in the media as soon as a Polish soldier released the photo on his twitter. This tribute to the singer is due to the fact that Lady Gaga who is always striving for many social causes. The soldiers pay tribute as a possible comparison of the singer in the music industry to the power of a tank.
Check out the photo below:

Lady Gaga Fans Pay Tribute From Australia

Because the date of her visit to Australia with the Born This Way Ball Tour, Lady Gaga fans, with all love shown for the singer in a tribute video that can be viewed as colorful and creative. Check out the beautiful video below with Gaga’s single, Born This Way, playing in the background:

Born This Way Falls Drastically in the U.S. Billboard 200

The album "Born This Way" has fallen dastrically in the Billboard 200. Last week it held the position # 97, and this week dropped to # 131.
However, Lady Gaga has improved its position in the "Social 50".

Video: Lady Gaga with Fans on March 21st

On March 20th after leaving a restaurant ( where it seems, was with Taylor Kinney ) Lady Gaga was approached by fans and gave them hugs, kisses, autographs and of course, smiles. Check out the videos below:

Poll: Which artist would you like to see in EMA 2012?

The team at the European MTV awards, the Europe Music Awards (EMA) has created a poll on the event website for the public to vote on artists who most want to see the EMA performance 2012, and Lady Gaga is part of the vote with people including: Justin Bieber, Adele, Katy Perry, and others. If you want to see Lady Gaga at this year's EMA, vote here [].
Remember that Lady Gaga was the winner of the event last year, and that it was the scene of one of the first performances of Marry The Night.

Leia mais no GagaNews:

Lady Gaga Nominated for MTV TRL AWARDS

Today the nominees for the prize Italian "MTV TRL Awards" were announced. Lady Gaga nominated in two categories: Amazing Woman and Best Appearance. To vote just click here [].

Below is who Gaga is running up against:
Amazing Women : Lady Gaga Adele Katy Perry Rihanna Laura Pausini
Best Appearance : Lady Gaga Avril Lavigne Justin Bieber Marco Mengoni Nicki Minaj
The MTV TRL Awards will take place on May 5.

“Born This Way” Comes Towards Breaking Records In Japan!

The album "Born This Way" last week surpassed the mark 950,000 COPIES sold only in Japan! In 2011, many rock bands and veterans of the music industry get that mark, but only with the total count of sales from around the world and not only from a specific country. With over that asset, the album was named "Album of the Year International" and the bestselling of GaGa in the country. The graph shows that this number continues to grow even more, and "Born This Way" has a good chance (according to CD.Journal ) to overcome the soundtrack of Titanic, which is the 10th tenth CD international best seller of all time in Japan , with a mark of 1.41 million copies sold . So GaGa can go into the "TOP 10 of international best-selling albums of all time " with "Born This Way" , which became the third first female artist to enter that Top 10 and join the The Beatles and Michael Jackson. Lady GaGa said to “enshrine in a digital age brand almost impossible to achieve.” With that, her career would still be one of the most successful in Asia as a whole, although the count was only the market. In the list, there are only two singers in the total Top10 : Mariah Carey (who has no less than four albums in the Top 10) and Whitney Houston (who is in 6th place with the soundtrack to The Bodyguard ). In 1st place in the list, is the collection # 1's from Mariah Carey in 1998 with over 2.80 million copies sold. Let's hope then, that "Born This Way" break in between that mark and top 10, becoming epic in the country, both by the difficulty of entering the list, as the quality that this album brought to market not only Japanese but musical world. This is glorious! Paws Up to the Japanese monsters!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lady Gaga on Oprahs Next Chapter Full Interview 480p HQ


Lady Gaga's Interview With Time Magazine

Lady Gaga was interviewed by the magazine, "Time", where she talked about her mother’s foundation, the Born This Way Foundation, career, image and several other things. Check out the interview translated below:

You just [helped] release "Born this Way Foundation." You want to prevent bullying?
This is not a basic anti-bullying. This is a foundation that seeks to empower young people. This is not to fight evil and cruelty, but to inspire and encourage young people together with their parents around the world, to live in a more user friendly.

Kindness is not inspiring in order to combat bullying?
We distinguish between the aggressor and the aggressed. Each person is a member very important and valuable to society. This foundation aims to make a radical change that will take some time to happen. Bullies are born in this way also.

Do not have a big capital-cultural…for the use in this subject?
Many people think that just because I suffered bullying at school, I had the desire to deal with this issue. But actually, I noticed a huge desire among fans to be bolder and more active in society since I launched my album "Born This Way."

Like, say an 11 year old girl, could practice this idea?
Could I approach one of these guys are not popular in the classroom and say, "Hey, I like your shirt."? That would be his share of love and acceptance of day.

The song "Born this Way" has a religious force. Does this foundation have a set of beliefs?
No. Some of the religious references in the song is irony and double meaning. For example, when the song says "Whether you love him or love him," refers to God, being equivalent to the Spanish HIM referring to the deity.

In 2008, you said you were writing about what you knew: "sex, pornography, art, fame, obsession, drugs and alcohol." How do you transfer that with the message that you transmit to young people now?
When did I say that?

In 2008.
That was long ago. That was a different album. Also, my work as an artist is completely different from my work as philanthropist.

One of the characteristics of everything you do is your value. Will this effect appear to feel brave or say, "I know why it is not accepted, and I can fight it"?
Actually, my courage and the value it had as a child was one of the reasons that made me be pursued. Something like, "Who do you think you are?" But my courage does not come from "Hey, I'm a popular girl, we'll all be brave." Moreover, there is a certain stigma around doing good deeds. But I'm doing everything I can, working as expert or studying statistics to find a way to make love and acceptance to be something cool.

Keep the image of Lady Gaga should absorb much energy. Where do you get the strength to embark on a new project?
[It comes] from my mother. My mother and I are very close. One of the things I'd like to give to all is that you only need one person, someone who believes in you.

You are working with people from Harvard University. In an alternate universe, Lady Gaga, would you have liked to go to Harvard?
I do not know. But now I go to Harvard.

If you think people should be themselves why do you use these dresses in elaborate costumes?
Well, that's me. What else could keep a daily basis? You can find that my creativity is something that I need to work, when in fact it is probably the most natural thing that I have. I think we should not be cynical about the individuality of others. Perhaps, instead of a suit, people should see this as a form of expression.

Lady Gaga Tweets on March 21st

Lady Gaga updated her Twitter saying she was missing her Monsters, showing us a new jewelry and commented on the start of the tour.

Lady Gaga Tweets on March 18th

On the morning of March 18th, Lady Gaga updated her Twitter to talk about Oprah's Next Chapter, celebrating her 21 million followers. Check out the tweets:

Preview: Lady Gaga On “The Conversation”

In April, Lifetime will premiere the program, "The Conversation", which will be presented by the photographer and actress, Amanda Cadenet, who will display exclusive interviews. One of them already confirmed for the program is about Lady Gaga. Small excerpts of the interview appear in the program guide, check out:

Lady Gaga is nominated for the "MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2012"

Begins the marathon awards and votes that take place throughout the year: On March 20th, the nominees for the "MTV Awards 2012 Music Video" awards were announced. Please remember: this is the Japanese version of the VMA. It is very prestigious in the country and the rest of Asia. Lady Gaga is among the nominees, accounting for 3 categories: Video of the year with "You and I", album of the year with "Born This Way" and best song for karaoke with "Judas".

PopCrush want to know: What is "the best music for parties?"

Lady Gaga is always present in surveys that are promoted by the site Pop Crush. In these polls, they highlight the best pop artists and their music. This time, Mother Monster is being represented by "Bad Romance" in a vote that chooses the "Best Music for parties". The single is in second place so far, second only to "Till The World Ends" of Britney Spears. Help us put Gaga in the first place by clicking here [ ] and voting.

New Photos Of Lady Gaga In 2009

Two new pictures of Lady Gaga by Francois Berthier for "FHM Magazine" in 2009, were released. Check them below: