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Monday, April 30, 2012

PHOTOS: New Outtakes Of Lady Gaga For Aaron Rapoport

THE CONVERSATION With Lady Gaga Will Air On May 3rd

This month premiered on Lifetime channel program 'The Conversation', presented by the photographer and actress Amanda Cadenet, and as reported earlier, Lady Gaga gave an interview to the program and has now been confirmed that the interview will air on May 3Check the program guide:

[Tour Of Duty] New Information On The Monster Pit

As many know, the first show of the tour of Lady Gaga happened on April 27 in Seoul, South Korea. Below is more information on the Monster Pit and the entire organization of entrance to the show.
The queue for the Monster Pit is different from the normal queue. It is marked by a sign easy to find. You can only begin to form a queue from 8 o'clock in the morning to both queues. Gaga has created this rule to ensure the safety of their fans, preventing them sleep on the streets. Obviously, many people waited across the street the time of formation of the queue. The Monster Pit is very safe to have a limit of people.
In Seoul, the Monster Pit included somewhere around 2,000 people. However, arenas, the size it accommodates between 400 and 2,000 depending on the size of the track. To enter the Pit, you needed a ticket to the 'GA Standing', but there is no other restriction. It was not necessary to be featured, VIP, or anything like that. The entry was in the order of arrival until the pit was filled. Security guards often counted the number of people in the queue, so they could close it as soon as fans arrived at its holding limit. The security team was composed by Lady Gaga and also by the very people hired venue. The people in line were very respectful. In Seoul, were walking on lathes of people in line with clickers to count them, they were all sitting on the floor in groups of four people. Some (very few actually) fans were chosen to enter the Monster Pit by being very well dressed, even if they have not waited so long in the queue.
The bracelets were handed around 16 hours and entry began at 5:30 [afternoon]. People could buy food and go back to the queue, no one cared.
Nor is there Meet & Greets in Seoul, one was chosen to meet the Monster Pit Gaga backstage, only the first person in line (one who makes the key).
The items for sale were many tour shirts, a black leather jacket with a back BTW, the lunchbox, band aids and other minor things such as key chains and rings.
These rules applied only to the show in South Korea and may vary from one country to another.

"The Edge Of Glory" Returns To The UK Charts

The Edge of Glory, the third single from the album, Born This Way, appears again in the music charts in the UK. The single is currently at position #88 in UK charts (on April 29th), resulting in a total of 50 weeks on the chart .
The song appeared in the charts thanks to a dual presentation of Barbara Bryceland and Leanne Mitchell, who appeared on the reality show 'The Voice' two weeks ago singing "The Edge Of Glory". Review the presentation:

Lady Gaga's hair (Not the song!) Is The Most Searched On The Internet

It is not new news that Lady Gaga concerned for her different visual and colorful, especially when it comes to their hair, and wigs. Through a survey, an American website broke the news that Lady Gaga has more hair searched the internet. The keyword "Hair Lady Gaga" has approximately 45,000 searches per month, her hair is more researched than the global warming that has an average of 33,000 monthly surveys.
It is noteworthy, however, that the song Hair can also influence these numbers, since the search for music on the Internet, the keyword may be the same.

Born This Way Ball Photo Gallery: Powered By [Twitter] @GagaNews