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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lea Salongna Praises Lady Gaga In Her Newspaper Column

The actress Lea Salonga, who has worked at Disney on Broadway and Glee, FOX, praised Lady Gaga in her newspaper column "Philippini Daily Inquirer," a newspaper in the Philippines, where Lady Gaga was recently touring with Born This Way BallThe text praises by the actress to Lady Gaga and very grateful for their passage through the country, still calls it a "godsend."

"Thank you Mother Monster, for coming to our country and have done everything we did, especially given the effort towards the LGBT community in the fight against AIDS and prejudice. In this case, you are a gift from God , a true Christian in every sense of the word. "

SHOWStudio Releases Images Of Unprecedented Born This Way Music Video

A few days ago, announced that SHOWStudio and Nick Knight divulge images never seen the on the music video from "Born This Way", they would do this to thank the Little Monsters.
Below you can see the three images:
You can see additional gifs found on my DailyBooth account

Businessman Of Lady Gaga Talks About Mother Monster's 4th Album

The Entrepreneur of Lady Gaga, Vincent Hubert, gave an interview recently and commented on the upcoming album. Check out the video and a snippet of what he said:

Vincent (V): " We are working on a new album from Lady Gaga, we're doing much, we're having so much fun, the album will come soon, we are very excited about it . "
Interviewer (I): " What can we expect from the new album? "
V: " It's amazing, she recorded great songs, she is on tour now, but will be an amazing album. Everything that comes from Gaga is unexpected. So I'm very eager. Node're on the road now, so it gets a little difficult, but will be very good "

Lady Gaga Twitter Update - May 31st

On May 31st, Lady Gaga used her Twitter twice in a row to speak with her fans. The first time, the singer said of her record mark of 25 million followers on the social network , the number reached on May 31st. Lady Gaga also commented on the bird that she already told us about (it sounds like a boiling pot of tea), and played with what happened. Check out the tweets: