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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chris Wagner Criticizes "Princess Die"

Just after a little over 24 hours Lady Gaga sang a new song released to the public, "Princess Die" (which may be on the new album) on the Born This Way Ball and have started to emerge about criticism of the song.
The first was to criticize Chris Wagner, director of Lifeline, said that Princess Die is a 'suicide contagion'.

"Lifeline is extremely concerned with the nature of music, especially if the music clearly describes a method of suicide or deep conversations about suicide, there is no message of hope, encouraging for assistance, or anything else that has a positive character. We understand the license and artistic expression, but it must be realized that celebrities are role models for young people. Young people often take the letter of your favorite song very seriously. "

Statue Of Lady Gaga Established In South Korea

Lady Gaga is traveling around the world with her tour "The Born This Way Ball" as you may already knowThis week, the singer has a new statue, which is exposed in the museum 'Madame Tussauds ', which is in South Korea. Check out pictures of the statue below:

Tony Bennett Praises Lady Gaga In Recent Interview

News involving the names Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga are very frequent in the mainstream media after the singers have recorded a duet called, "The Lady is a Trump" . The mutual admiration for both artists created a great bond of friendship, which is why the praises coming from Tony Bennett are said to be extraordinary. Tony has come to declare that the singer of 'Born This Way' "has a touch of genius, and very intelligent, very creative and knows a lot about the appearance."
In the most recent interview for the "BBC Breakfast", the legendary singer of 85 years said that Gaga exalted position of the "Picasso of music" . Check out:
"She's become the Picasso of music. She is very talented. It's not like any other artist I've ever met in my entire career. It is recreated on a daily basis. I can not believe her energy and intelligence. "

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[Tour Of Duty] Ticket Prices And Packages For The Born This Way Ball

(based on the values ​​of the shows in Sydney, Australia - Rod Laver Arena)

"General Standing (GA) standing - Track central / lawn; PL1 - Lower Bleachers, PL2 - Lower Grandstand (behind the PL1), PL3 - top front of the grandstand, PL4 - Bleachers top (sides, behind the PL3) PL5 - Bleachers top (back behind the PL3) "
Floor PL1 - General Standing (GA) - $ 179.90 (U.S. $ 359.80 + tax) 
Seat reserved PL1 - $ 179.90 (U.S. $ 359.80 + tax) 
Seat reserved PL2 - $ 159.90 (U.S. $ 319.80 + taxes 
seat reserved PL3 - $ 129.90 (U.S. $ 159.80 + tax) 
Seat booked PL4 - $ 99.90 (U.S. $ 199.80 + taxes) 
reserved seat PL5 - $ 79.90 (U.S. $ 159.80 + taxes)

(list price in U.S. dollars)

Packages are kits for sale along with the tickets and entitlement to various items. Check out:
Package Government Hooker - $ 330 (U.S. $ 660 + tax) 
- A ticket for the industry GA 
- Early access to the industry GA (does NOT include access to Monster Pit) 
- Item merchandise Lady Gaga 
- Credential collectible Lady Gaga 
- VIP treatment on site
Heavy Metal Lover Package - $ 450 ($ 900 + taxes) 
- One premium reserved seating in PL1 
- pre-show hospitality (snacks and drinks) 
- Item merchandise Lady Gaga 
- Lady Gaga Credential collectible 
- VIP treatment on site
Highway Unicorn Package - $ 300 ($ 600 + taxes) 
- One premium reserved seating in PL2 
- Item merchandise Lady Gaga 
- Lady Gaga Credential collectible 
- VIP treatment on site


The buyer will be contacted via e-mail one week before the show date with details about the items in the package. Tickets for the show will be shipped separately from other items in the packet according to the delivery option during purchase (picked up at the show or send).
All packages are non-refundable and are intransferíves. No refunds will be paid under any circumstances except when the show be canceled. It will not be allowed to change the name on the package under any circumstances. At the discretion of the buyers, the item of merchandise will be sent directly to the address provided in the purchase (alternate shipping addresses are not allowed) or available for withdrawal on the night of the show. If sent, the item will be delivered after the show. Please wait a period of 30 days to receive all items of the package. It is not necessary to be dressed in merchandise to enter the show. The credential is collectible only and does not entitle or permit into the local concert or backstage. "

[Tour Of Duty] Updated Information On The Monster Pit


The Monster Pit is a space created in the shows for Born This Way Ball Tour, dedicated only to fans of Lady Gaga and it is located right in front of the stage. Inside fit between 200 and 400, varying according to the spot size of the show.

In blue, the space devoted to the Monster Pit and red track GA (also known as Clue), where the fans who are not chosen to go Monster Pit.

(according to the official site of Lady Gaga)

- To avoid problems of capacity, only those with GA ticket will have access to the Monster Pit;
- For security reasons, will not be allowed to queuing at the site before 8 am on the day of the show, those who have GA tickets will line up for the Monster Pit eligibility;
- On the afternoon of each concert, the Monster Pit wristbands will be distributed to those who have GA ticket, first come, wait as long and are dressed for the "Ball";
- A very limited amount of passes to the Monster Pit will be distributed to those who do not have GA tickets, will be distributed to those who arrive first, wait as long, are dressed for the "Ball" and do not have ticket GA;
- Rush and clutter will make the person lose his right to the Monster Pit;
- To give more fans a chance to win, nobody can hold the key to the Monster Pit more than once;
- The rules for eligibility can vary with the location of the event show.


The first row of the little monster Monster Pit shall have the right to sign the Monster Pit Key, a giant key that represents the key to opening the gates of the show. This key will pass through five continents and end of the tour will feature the signature of fans worldwide. In case shows that there is no pit, the first fan to get in line at the GA receives the right to sign the key.

Check out a photo of the fan "Maneenoot 'Aom' Sutheeseun" the key that signed on On May 25th:

After each show, Gaga's team put a picture of who held the key in the social network .

In addition to signing the key, the little monster gets a necklace with a miniature of it:


As the Born This Way Ball did not have meet & greet, show the team during each of the singer chooses people more animated Monster Pit to meet her. The little monster who signed the Monster Pit Key is also taken to meet her, regardless to be chosen by the team or not.
On his Twitter, Lady Gaga talked about how many people are led to the backstage:


In the purchase of packages, you're automatically out of eligibility for the Monster Pit. Although there was no confirmation, we believe that the purchase of the package Government Hooker , you can have access to the Monster Pit if you do not use your pass early access to the GA and the benefit only the remaining items on the package.