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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Statue In London Earns Hat Inspired By Lady Gaga

The intriguing "satellite dish hat" worn by Lady Gaga during her performance at the EMA  and her music video "Marry The Night" can now be seen on another outstanding head. As part of the project called "Hatwalk," the peculiar hat that the statue of  Sir Henry Havelock, in London was added. The project aims to decorate differently all the statues of the city during the Olympics this year, and Lady Gaga was a source of inspiration to one of the decorations. "I am very excited to honor a British manufacturer of hats during the 2012 Olympics." said the Mayor of London,  Borin Johnson, commenting on this hat, also, was designed by Philip Treacy, a British citizen.
Check out photos:

Lady Gaga "LittleMonsters.Com" Update - July 30th

During a break from her tour, "The Born This Way Ball," Lady Gaga continues updating her profile on daily and is participating in chat rooms where she is releasing news. On July 20th, the singer has posted two photos. Check it out:

Cher Talks About Lady Gaga On Twitter Recently

On July 30th, Cher, once again, talked about Lady Gaga and "The Greatest Thing" on Twitter. Cher praised the ability that is Gaga as a songwriter and said that the duet of the two made her freak out. See below:

Lady Gaga Drunk On "LittleMonsters.Com" Chat


On July 30th, Lady Gaga again created a chat on and this time she was told to marry her boyfriend's brother, Taylor Kinney, and got drunk on it. See below:

Exhibition Shows Cinderella In Meat Dress

Exposure Disasterland, which intends to show how would the characters of fairy tales were if they were people in the world today which is what is happening in the next three days in Los Angeles, California.
Among the images that will be exposed, one is which the famous Cinderella, instead of being exposed to the Fairy Godmother in a beautiful dress and shoes of crystal, she will be in a meat dress identical to that used by Lady Gaga at the 2010 VMAs. See below:

Selena Gomez: "Lady Gaga Is One Of My Favorites"

Recently, the singer Selena Gomez, owner of hits and "Who Says", "Hit The Lights" and "Love You Like A Love Song", gave an interview to Vevo Certified, after achieving a specific goal of views on YouTube.
When asked about her favorite music videos, Selena talked about Britney Spears, Katy Perry and also talked about Gaga. See below:

Monday, July 30, 2012

Lady Gaga Releases News On "LittleMonsters.Com" Chat

 The presence of Lady Gaga on her social network, has become a source of news and tips on several new projects, and to consolidate her direct contact with fans. Mother Monster has now created chat rooms to chat in real time with "Her little monsters" on the online social network. On July 29th, the singer let out some more interesting information, and somewhat comical. Check out what was said in the chat:
Gaga said, she would make a video as scary as the movie SAW.
-Gaga said her favorite choreography is of the song "Scheiße"
-And when asked by a fan if she liked the  Taylor Kinney's penis, Gaga asked not to speak of the Taylor's penis because it was her's alone.

Photos: Office Depot Has Products Available In The U.S.

The network of American Stationery, Office Depot has partnered with the Born This Way Foundation, which will launch a line of special products with encouraging phrases. On July 28th, products were finally released for sale in physical stores of Office Depot, and photos have emerged from them. See below:

Position Of Born This Way In The UK And Ireland On The Charts

 Despite having dropped five positions, the album Born This Way remains among the most sold in the UK at #94. In Ireland, the album climbed three positions, getting into the #64 ranking, completing 55 weeks on the charts in the country, and the United Kingdom, 61 weeks. It is estimated that the album will again rise in the UK and other countries, when the current tour of Lady Gaga, The Born This Way Ball, makes its way in Europe.

Lady Gaga "LittleMonsters.Com" Update - July 28th

On July 28th, Gaga returned to to update her account with a new picture of herself, and two from the location of where she was. Check them below:

Photo: Lady Gaga, Terry Richardson, And Tara Savelo In Japan - 2012

The makeup artist of Lady Gaga, Tara Savelo, posted on her profile a picture of herself with Gaga and the photographer and friend of the singer, Terry Richardson. The photo was taken during the passage of the Born This Way Ball in Japan this year. See below:

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mitch Winehouse Talks Recently About Lady Gaga Playing Her Daughter In Film

After the death of Amy Winehouse last year, there were several rumors that Lady Gaga would interpret the situation in theaters, and around a year after the death of Amy, her father, Mitch Winehouse, spoke again of the possibility. See below:
"If Lady Gaga pays me 10 million pounds, I will let the movie happen. I think a British actress would be better, even if Gaga has admiration for Amy. It's something to think about ... "
What do you think the attitude of Mitch?

Lady Gaga Instagram Update - July 27th

Gaga puts up 4 new images on her Instagram. Check it out:

Lady Gaga And Team Successfully Win Toymaker Lawsuit

On July 24th, Lady Gaga sued toy maker MGA Entertainment for breach of contract, $10 million, while prosecuting the company for using her image improperly.
On July 25th, a judge officially declared the winner was Lady Gaga in the case, and that the MGA will have to pay it $10 million for settlements and for using Gaga's image without permission.
At the request of MGA Entertainment, the doll will still be made but no release at the time desired by the company and probably will not contain the chip with the voice of Gaga.

Tina Kandelaki Comments About Lady Gaga's New Actress Role

The famous Russian journalist and presenter, Tina Kandelaki, has updated her Twitter in the early hours of July 27th, commenting on the participation of Lady Gaga in Robert Rodriguez's entitled movie, "Machete Kills"Tina said that the singer was a great choice for the film.

"Lady Gaga... Oh my God, I'm shocked. Robert Rodriguez put Lady Gaga in the sequel to "Machete." Oh, it will set the heat "