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Friday, January 18, 2013

Photos And Videos: Lady Gaga Leaving Hotel In San Juan

Lady Gaga leaving the hotel in San Juan
Lady Gaga was spotted leaving her hotel of which her Skype chat took place.


Summary And Videos: Skype With Lady Gaga

SUMMARY + VIDEOS: Skype with Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga chatted with five lucky fans selected by Skype via the Internet. Lady Gaga revealed nothing important. She commented that most countries she wants to pass through on the next tour. She does not know if FAME will be her only fragrance. She could not comment on Machete Kills or the next album, ARTPOP. She explained that the process to enter the Haus of Gaga is organic and difficult. In case you missed the coverage and broadcast of the call, viewers can see parts of it below: