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Monday, July 1, 2013

Lady Gaga's Drummer and GagaDaily Reinforce That ARTPOP Is Coming

Drummer Lady Gaga and "Gagadaily" reinforce the proximity of artpop

Lady Gaga’s drummer, Gerogry Spanky, updated his Twitter profile in response to a strange mention from Lady Gaga’s dancer, Montana Efaw. Montana’s tweet is very confusing and only certain parts can be understood. However, Gerogry insists that the lead single from ARTPOP is close to release.

Later that afternoon, Gagadaily, the most trusted Lady Gaga website by many little monsters worldwide, tweeted that ARTPOP is coming. Remember, that GagaDaily was the first site to release that “Marry the Night” was the fifth single from Born This Way and met Lady Gaga after her cancellation of The Born This Way Ball Tour for the United States.

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